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Helping turn a job into a profession

Here at theEducationCollective, we are passionate about supporting and improving IT in education. We absolutely recognise that the most important element of successful IT in any school is the people that develop and support it and we are keen to use our experience to offer support directly to those individuals.

We can help you...


We have developed a set of professional standards specifically for use by IT professionals working in education.

The standards offer a benchmark that can be used to support in several areas:

...adopt, adapt and improve

We have worked with several school technical teams to bring about improvements in working practices and approaches. We can offer mentoring and guidance to help individuals to be more confident and effective in their roles.

Our flexible approach allows for a cost-effective programme to be developed using on and off site face to face meetings and remote email and telephone support.

Joining up with other IT professionals and experts is vital to stay on top of emerging technologies, best practices and new issues.

We are strong supporters of the Association of Network Managers in Education, developing their online community and regularly helping deliver sessions at their regional events.

We can also help facilitate online communities and networking sessions at a more local level for groups of schools, providing chairmanship, workshops and organising presenters.

...lighten the load

Like everyone else in schools, IT technical staff are busy and there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done.

We specialise in several areas and have developed tools to make them easier, that means we can probably do them quicker and more effectively because we do them so often.

One such example is our website compliance checks, one of those jobs that never quite makes it to the top of your to-do list but is vital to get done – particularly if your think you are due an Ofsted inspection.

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