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Helping you with co-ordination and collaboration

The Education Collective is proud to support several teaching school alliances with our collaboration portal. Our online community software not only provides valuable communication tools to support individuals within your networks, but it is also a valuable management information tool making the job of co-ordinating training events and tracking individuals easier.

We can help you...

...engage individuals

Our communication platform has a range of tools to be used by individuals to communication with each other. These include

The platform also helps to co-ordinate training events. Each new event can be targeted to specific groups of users and handle all aspects including sign up, sharing of resources, evaluation forms and registers.

...cut your workload

You would not dream of running a school without some sort of management information system, and co-ordinating all the activies of a teaching school is no different. Just some of the time saving tools included are:

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If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of our services in more detail then please get in touch:

Twitter: @EducationCol
Phone: 0330 2234208
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