Strategic IT Support for Schools
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Helping you maximise the benefits of your technology spend

We can help you take control of your technology

Reliance on technology is ever increasing, and if you do not have control over the effectiveness, the vision and the cost then it can be a huge challenge to keep it on track.

With our expert help you can take charge and stay in control.

IT Strategy

Knowing where you are, and more importantly where you want to get to with your IT vision is important. With so many options available, knowing what is best for your school can be difficult. We can help you to identify priorities and build a roadmap to make sure the school is always maximising the benefits from its technology spend.

We can visit your school and spend time with your technical team to undertake an audit of your current position and understand their goalds and priorities, then spend time with your stakeholders and leadership team to help determine how technology can underpin your school improvement plans.

As part of the process we can also provide training to you to help you understand how to think about technology and plan how to take full advantage of it in your future planning for the school

Procurement Support, Asset Management and Financial Planning

When investing in a specialist area such as IT, having knowledge and expertise on your side so that you can be confident in your tender process is vital. No matter what you are looking to procure, we can help identify the appropriate solution by providing support with writing your statement of requirements and any technical specifications.

We can also help you understand what equipment you already have, and how to put together a long term plan for sustaining and improving your technology portfolio. Avoid being taken by suprise everytime you need to look at investing in new servers, a new wireless network or other hidden infrastructure. Take control of your technology by making sure you know what to expect and how much to budget for it, but without hitting the pit fall of just replacing like for like because you do not have the time to look at all the options.

Impartial Advice

We do not sell hardware, and we do not have any partnerships with other suppliers who do. This means we can provide completely impartial and unbiased advice on all aspects of IT and you can be confident that the support we give is genuine and transparent in all areas including MIS, data and network support.

The areas that we feel we can offer advice include

We have also become experts in looking at picking up pretty much any issue a school has and finding a solution

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